Helping owners and cats stay together

Cats and their owners share a special relationship that improves the quality of life on both sides. At Cat Concern it is our prime objective to preserve this friendship for as long as possible; into old age and through sickness.


What we can do for you

Daily tasks can become an insurmountable task for the elderly or ill cat owner and our volunteers are here to help.
From feeding or brushing your cat, to vet visits and feeding times, we make sure your cat is happy and well cared for, so you can enjoy all the we can do for you benefits of cat ownership without the worry.

– feeding times
– administering cat medication
– cat grooming
– litter trays

-vet visits
– cat transport
– grocery shopping for cat food

Should your cat have to find a temporary home due to a hospital stay or other unforeseen circumstances, then
Cat Concern will be able to arrange to look after your cat in your own home or offer Foster Care under special circumstances.

How can I get help?

If you feel that you and your cat would benefit from Cat Concern’s services, then please get in touch with us. Applications can be made by the cat owners themselves, concerned relatives or neighbours, or even health professionals. Please never hesitate to give us a call to see what we can do for you and your cat.

How much does it cost?

Cat Concern does not charge for its services which are fully funded through donations and only possible thanks to its volunteers.

Get in touch

If you think that you, your cat or a friend or relative might benefit from our service, please get in touch with us, so we can assess the situation and see how we can help.
Please call us 07781 161707 or email 



“This wonderful charity has made a massive difference to my family. Visits a few times each week to brush the Persian cats have greatly improved my elderly father’s quality of life over the last two years. Not only are these visits something he looks forward to immensely, they are a reassuringly regular point of human contact each week and have meant the cats can remain at home with him and somewhat ease the loneliness of being widowed.
Cat Concern’s care has extended to taking the cats to the vet when poorly, offering wise reassurance when my Dad was upset and worried about the cats, giving medication and also feeding the cats when my Dad was extremely ill and hospitalised. An altogether incredible service, which we are enormously grateful for. In my opinion, they have offered and indeed delivered far more then simple ‘cat concern’. Thank you!”


How you can help us

We are always looking for enthusiastic and caring volunteers. If you love cats and feel like you could help people stay together with their cats for longer, then please get in touch with us either on email or call Sue on 07781 161707.
Donations help us continue the good service that Cat Concern provides. We are thankful for every single one.

Fundraising Ideas

Donate your stamps:

We collect used postage stamps to raise money for Cat Concern. If you would like to donate your used stamps, please cut the stamp off the envelope leaving approximately 1cm of envelope bordering each stamp and send your used or new stamps to: Cat Concern, Cobweb Cottage, George Road, St Peter Port, GY1 1 BD. All donations of stamps will be most gratefully received.

Other ideas

Car Boot Sales; you may have some items to sell or be able to do a stall yourself
Mufty Day at work or Dress Down day
Cake Sales at work or school
Treasure Hunts
Quiz Nights
Sponsored Bike Rides, Swims, Walks etc


We are here to help cat owners who find themselves unable to look after their animals, and would benefit from help with daily tasks, cat transport or general cat care.
If you, or someone you know needs help please don’t hesitate to contact Cat Concern. We are happy to meet you and your cat for a chat any time.

Call Sue on 07781 161707
or Annette on 07781 109869